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by Gabrielle Odowichuk

How to Make a Conversation Cloud

Part 1: MoshiMoshi!

MoshiMoshi: The Conversation Cloud is an artistic collaboration between a small group of new media artists/engineers from Vancouver BC.

Our friend and media artist Ben Z Cooper (from HFour Design saw this cloud in his dreams: tin cans on strings of light hanging from a bright glowing cloud. When we talk into a tin can, light travels up a string into the cloud, then back down to another tin can where the message is replayed. I love the interactivity concept of these piece - it engages people to connect with both the cloud and each other.

alt Initial concept drawing (2014)

We’ve been working on this project on and off for a couple years, and installed beta versions of the project at many diverse events, including: Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, Integrate Arts Festival, and Burn in the Forest.

alt Vancouver Mini Maker Faire (2014)

Niel has some great process shots from this first iteration here

alt Burn in the Forest (2015)

Thanks to support from KindleArts and GVIAS, this year we are able to take our cloud to the next level: bigger and better than ever! With help from the MoshiMoshi team, I’m going to document some of our progress (along with technical details) as we get ready to install this project at Otherworld, a community driven arts festival on Vancouver Island.

This project has had quite a few interesting technical challenges and I’d like to detail some of them with the hope that others could learn from our mistakes and we can all make better tech art. Here we are, working away!

alt Grant and I picking up shiny new phones to replace the tin cans!

alt Ben folding shapes on the ferry!

For those geometry fans out there, the shapes are rhombic dodecahedrons, or as we like to call em rhombodies, rhombododdies, rhombys, and of course rhomdiddies.

alt Niel’s killing it with some custom 3D cloud mapping!

Details on all this and more to come! Stay tuned for How to Build a Conversation Cloud, Part 2: Phones, Cans and Strings of Light

Bye for now :)


The MoshiMoshi team:

Ben Z Cooper (with HFour Designs)
Gabrielle Odowichuk (with Limbic Media)
Grant Harris
Niel McLaren

Special Thanks:

Yasushi Harada
Adam Barlev
Vancouver Maker Labs
Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society (GVIAS)
Kindle Arts

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